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May 31, 2016

When you hire movers, it is because you are stressed and don’t want to have more headaches just because there are lots of things to do. That stress is the reason you hire Sydney Removals , but it could also be the reason you hire unprofessional movers which will give you problems during your move. You should never let stress get to you especially when you are hiring movers as you might forget important characteristics to look for and might end up hiring unprofessional movers instead.

Affordable Sydney Removals is one of the best moving companies in Sydney; they’re very professional with a reasonable price. When you hire moving companies, it is important to check out what the company has to offer before signing any contracts and agreeing for the company’s services. There are lot’s of things you should check out and taking time to check these things is a wiser move compared to just hiring the Sydney removals which might cause future problems. It is important to choose wisely and hire only the best because the movers that you will choose will be the one to handle your things during the move. Have a mover that is professional and experienced for a great move.

Here are the Things you Usually Forget when Hiring Sydney Removals

The Services that You Need

  • You may think like “who would forget the services?”, but when you are too stressed, you will forget to check the services that the company offers. Just because the the company has a removals in their name, doesn’t mean that they have a wide variety of services. Some might just offer office removals specifically and if you need to move a piano, that would be a problem. Of course, they might say they do the job, but without experience, you will only risk the safety of your valuables. Remember to always carefully check the companies services.

The Hidden Charges

  • The hidden charges are one of the most common things forgotten when hiring moving companies. If you didn’t ask hidden charges and already computed your budget for the move, then it might surprise you by the end of the moving when you see that there are additional fees you have to pay. Trusted moving companies like Sydney Removals will assure you of no hidden charges.

The Equipment and Transportation

  • These are also things you forget to check, until the team of movers arrived and you see them using old and malfunctioning equipment. By then, it would be too late to complain and you’ll have to have your things moved and there would be risks. The transportation is another issue. There would be problems and delays if the transportation didn’t properly work and stop in the middle of the road during the move. Before choosing a mover, have a background check of its credibility and and professionalism. Check their equipment and their reviews so that you won’t be sorry when the move comes.

Checking the company may take a longer time but would benefit you more in the long run. Hire Sydney Removals to avoid issues! Call us at 0411722567!

During your move, you may think that you already have all the things that you need, that’s until you realized that you are not fully prepared. So before you hit the road and go to your new home, make sure that you have all the Essentials for your moving day. Don’t know these essentials? Affordable Sydney Removals will help you complete your list. You do not want any little detail to be left behind when you move right?

Here’s Sydney Removals ‘ List of Essentials for Moving Day

Affordable Office Movers | The Things you Forget


  • All your files from the bank, employment, medication, and contracts with companies would be best kept in one single file folder or envelope. You should also prepare the moving documents, inventory sheet and payment papers. If you have your own car during the travel, it’s best to keep the documents with you at all times. Also, put a label on the envelope or folder where you are keeping your important files so you won’t lose it and to find the papers that you would immediately need.

Extra Packing Supplies

  • You’ll never know what’s going to happen during the moving so it’s best to prepared. Especially when it comes to your packages, you should be wise to bring extra packing materials. Tapes, boxes, scissors and markers are the most important ones to bring. You can also bring extra padding or newspapers in case you need to repack some of your things. Although it’ll add to the things that you are going to bring, it will be a big help once your packages have been damaged. It’s better to be prepared than to be caught off guard.

Medicines and Prescriptions

  • If there are medicines that you need to take, then you should bring it. You should also bring the prescription that your doctor gave you in case you ran out of medicines. With that being said, you should also make sure that there’s a clinic or pharmacy on the way to your new home. It would be great to plan a route and familiarize the roads and shops in case you ever need to buy things or avoid traffic. It’s even better that you make sure to buy enough medicines to avoid running out of it especially that you’re still not familiar with the stores or pharmacies near your new home.


  • Once you arrive in your new home, the first thing you are going to do might be to use the bathroom. And what’s more important than a prepared toiletries? Tissues, Shampoo, Toothpaste soap and others are the basic toiletries that you should bring. You might not be able to finish packing within the day and it would be wise to bring this stuff so you can still take a bath and be refreshed before taking a nap.

Kids’ Stuff

  • If you have kids, they would probably get bored during the travel. The best thing to do is bring some entertainment like mobile devices, laptops and tablets. You should also bring along some snacks, blankets and pillows especially if it’s going to take a long travel.

If you need more tips and advice for your move, Affordable Sydney Removals will be happy to help you! Contact us now at 0411722567!

Packing is sometimes a problem as it takes a long time for these process and would also need lots of materials if you want your things to be fully protected. Of course, you can save yourself from more expenses and effort if you know a few tips and tricks of packing and the leading Sydney Removals is going to give you this tips and hacks. Never neglect packing because it can make or break your whole moving process as packing is one of the most important step in moving.

Affordable Sydney Removals is one of the longest moving service provider. We have years of experience that helped us be on the top in our industry. And right now, we are going to share to you what we have learned over the years. These tips and hacks have been gathered to help the movers who have a tight budget and are not able to afford hiring Professional Sydney Removals.

Here are Sydney Removals Secret Hacks for Packing

Sydney Removals

Packing Clothes

  • Roll the clothes to pack them better instead of folding them. This will save more space in the box and you will be able to maximize the use of the box. For unused clothes, you can use them as alternative covers for your other items instead of throwing them out. For socks, use socks to pack more socks. This also takes less space in your boxes. If you don’t have enough packing space for your clothes then better take this advice.

Taking Pictures

  • No, we don’t mean selfies. Take pictures of the boxes that you have packed after they are labeled. The pictures will be a good use to easily track your packages. So if the movers have missed anything, you can immediately inform them so they can find the missing box. This tip is as good as labeling your boxes.

Make a Pack of Necessities

  • Pack things that you will need for your first few nights during your travel if it’s a long distance move or during your first day in your new home. The pack of necessities should contain extra clothes, toiletries, plates, spoon and cups, blankets, medicines and snacks. You should also bring gadgets and entertainment for the kids and extra snack, toys and food bowl for your pet. Separate this things so you can easily grab them during your first night or when you need it.

Prioritize Packing

  • Prioritizing your packing will greatly help you if are in need of something. How does this work? What you need to do is to put all the seldom used items at the bottom of the package and frequent used items on top. This way, whenever you are in need of something, you can easily get it at the top of the box without unpacking all the stuff that it contains.

If you still need help with packing or your move in general, then hire Cheap Sydney Removals now! Contact us at 0411722567!

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