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June 11, 2013

Sydney Removalists  recognizes that when it’s time to move, it is best that you have professional movers with you. Moving is an emotional and stressful experience,  but do not worry,  these people are the ones who can understand the anxieties of your moving and can deliver the services that you badly need. They can make the hard task easy and will enable you to concentrate on the more important details of your moving. We highly understand that relocation is not just moving but it is also about something that can completely change your life.

Moving into a new home can be incredibly exciting as it could be a new step in your life, but, unfortunately, it’s also one of life’s stressful events. And though most people say that moving will never be enjoyable, Sydney Removalist dare to disagree with that. With us you can have a fun move and you will not feel like moving because we can make you feel like traveling.

Affordable Sydney Removalists has committed to set new benchmarks in packing in the moving industry for the last 10 years. We have professional movers who are courteous, honest and innovative. We continuously develop moving solutions armed with technology driven process, continuous customer satisfaction and friendly work.

Sydney Removalists ‘ moving tip of the day is on how you can prepare and plan to successfully pass through the home moving process which circles around the following: planning, packing, moving and settling to your new home.

Sydney Removalists moving timeline guide:

One Month before the Move:

  • Create a timeline, as soon as you know you’re going to move, create a timeline for all of the tasks you need to complete and assign dates for when you’re going to do them, by doing so you are saving yourself from having no time when the move is fast approaching. This includes, getting boxes, hiring a mover, purging, packing, and everything else on this list.
  • Start cleaning your closets, cupboards, toy chests, etc. Sort out the items that you wanted to bring in your new home and plan for a garage sale for items that you do not need anymore.

Starting as early as one month or six weeks to do this will allow you to advertise to friends, neighbors and relatives about your upcoming garage sale. Surely, this will give you a good turnout. Also, you can just give away or donate your unwanted items to nearby charities.

  • Start checking your old home versus your new home. Make sure that your furniture that is coming with you has a space in your new location. If none, then you may consider to just leave these items behind or buy a new one.
  • Start preparing your inventory list. Make a complete list of all your items to be moved in a room by room basis.
  • Use up your supplies in the kitchen such as the canned and frozen foods. Don’t burden yourself
  • Book to Removalists Sydney to allow more time to plan and discuss important moving details.

Two Weeks before the Move:

  • Communicate with your telephone, electric, gas, etc. to confirm the dates of disconnection or you may discuss this with the new home owner in case they are interested to arrange the renewal of services using their names. Also, contact telephone, gas, etc. services in your new home destination.
  • Stop your newspaper subscriptions and other related services.
  • Check your safety-deposit box as early as now. It is highly recommended that you carry important documents such as passports, insurance policies, jewelry with you or you can send them thru insured mail.
  • Ask a leave of absence from your office

One Week before the Move:

  • Be your own financial manager and auditor by keeping your receipts and a record of all your moving expenses. It’s best if you keep track on these important records.
  • Exhaust your gas and oil from the lawn movers, chain saws, kerosene heaters, etc to prevent leakage during the removals day.
  • Start preparing your essential box containing kitchen and bathroom stuff. You may also pack some first aid supplies in case of emergency.
  • Start giving instructions and motivation to your children. Every one of you can start packing your essential items to be used on your first week in the new home.

One Day before the Move:

  • Check your inventory sheet vis-à-vis your boxes. Also, make sure that all your packages are properly labeled.
  • Defrost your refrigerator
  • Order some take out dinner for your first night in your new home.
  • Remind your neighbors about your moving so they can free the parking lot and driveway for you.

Sydney Removalists  is confident that you can move in a stress free and easy manner with proper preparation and planning. Also, you can always rely to the quality and honest services of Sydney Removalists . If you are planning a move that involves a lot of furniture and appliances, check out our tips below.

Sydney Removalists tips for furniture and appliance removals:

Initially, you have to be prepared with all the packing materials needed for the shifting. Make boxes, bubble wraps, tapes, marking pens, and any other supplies you need handy. This is necessary because having enough supplies will reduce the stress of packing. Ensure that you unplug and removed all the batteries from all your smaller appliances. In this way, you can prevent damage on your appliance and possible injuries on your end.

  • It is always best to disassemble your appliances before packing. Dismantle all loose parts from your appliance and ensure that each spare part are labeled and packed together.
  • Always wrap and pad your small appliances before you pack them in boxes. You can actually use newspapers, clothing or linens as alternative to bubble wrap or Styrofoam. You can use anything that will protect your item from shock during the transit. You can use clothing to fill in the spaces to prevent things from being shaken.
  • Do not make your boxes too heavy for one person to carry. Make your packing comfortable to lift and carry to protect all your items.
  • Make a list of all your items for relocation. The list is an excellent reference during the inventory. Remember to always give a copy of the master list to your moving company.

Moving is already a very difficult task, but if you add babysitting your children, then the stress, difficulty and the jeopardy of the whole moving process is doubled.  Your main problem is not the moving process itself anymore, instead, making sure that your children are safe and unharmed before and after the move. Most parents leave the relocation to professional Sydney Removalists so that they can focus on their children. But we still have responsibilities that we have to do to make the moving process easier and to make our things and valuables safer.

These activities would surely make our heads ache. We can’t do all this at the same time, especially if our children love to play with stuff and we have lots of harmful things just lying on the ground. Affordable Sydney Removals gathered the most effective ways on how to childproof the moving process. This will help you prepare for the relocation as well as babysitting your children. Now you don’t have to worry about your responsibilities with the moving and taking care of your child.

Sydney Removalists ’ Childproof Moving Tips:

Tracking Harmful Equipment

  • As you prepare the things that need to be moved and as you pack your valuables, it can’t be helped that some of the harmful equipment you used can be found anywhere and your child may be able to reach and play with them. Examples of these things are scissors, knife, cleaning solutions, medical supplies and other tools and equipment. You should always keep track of these things as they are potentially harmful to children.

Block Some Rooms

  • You can either block a room where your child can play or block a room where you fix and pack your things. If you choose to block a room where your child can play, make sure to monitor them regularly and put an emergency door. Also make sure to remove any harmful things in the room that your child may find and replace them with toys.

Make a Logical Schedule

  • Schedule your moving process on days when your child can be busy at school or other activities. Take advantage of this and schedule your move on these days. You can also hire babysitter to take care of your children after their classes so that you have the whole day to prepare.

Have Someone to Babysit your Kids

  • You could have someone look after your kids while you pack, this is great if you do not have time to childproof everything while you’re packing.

There are more ways you can childproof your home and you can read them on our next article so be sure to visit us regularly!

Watch our video here about Childproofed Moving:

Sydney Removalists is a local company that has been successfully operating all over Sydney. We pride ourselves with years of experience and years of being in the field accumulating every possible technique to improve our skills years after years to deliver only the best services for our costumers. We are a family owned business following the principles of effective and efficient services. Sydney Removalists know that moving is something that is always associated to stress and complicated task but for many years, we did our best to make moving as simple as possible. Either you have to move the soonest time possible or you have enough time to plan for everything, we are flexible enough and the services we provide are always according to your current situation.

Affordable Sydney Removals is one of the leading and the most trusted Sydney Removalists ! For all your moving needs, contact 0411 722 567!

Boxes are one thing that makes our move easy. But after the move, the boxes become clutter and can cause problems when you are organizing your home. You may be hesitant to throw the boxes out since they still cost you and you can still use them in the future. But if you think that you are not going to use them, there are still good ideas that you can do to keep the boxes and use them. That way, you won’t be hesitant in throwing them and you can still keep them. Affordable Sydney Removalists is a leading provider of moving services and we also offer the best boxes that you can use during your move.

Boxes are expensive so it would be a waste to just throw them away after the move. Sydney Removalists have had experiences with people who were hesitant to throw their boxes and sold them instead. Selling the boxes, of course will allow you to gain the cost that you lost. But if you want to keep the boxes, then what you need are creative ideas to make the boxes a wonderful part of your home.

Here are Sydney Removalists Creative Ideas to do with the Boxes after Moving

Save them for Future Use

  • If you really want to keep them thinking that you might be able to use the boxes anytime soon, then keep them in your home. The only problem with that is that they may eat a huge space or require a special place to be placed. But if you flatten them, hide them under the bed or on a storage room then they won’t take much space and you’ll be able to save them for future use.

Be Creative

  • You can also use the boxes for creative things such as diorama, photo box and more. You can even use them as plaything for the kids. Just add a little imagination, color, shapes and you can create a good toy for any kids. They can also be used as a board or covers.

Garage Sale!

  • If you are planning on a garage sale, you can use the boxes as containers or they can even be a part of the things that you are selling. They can also be used as board where you can write garage sale to invite buyers.

If you don’t like to throw the boxes, then use them in creative ways. For more tips about moving, Visit Affordable Sydney Removalists or contact us at 0411722567!

What makes moving even harder is when you have huge furniture equipment. These items are not easily moved and will require a good plan and a better manpower if you want to get it to your new home. Without plans, you’ll end up wasting your effort and may damage your furniture during the unplanned process. Even if you had help, you will still need a good plan. If you have no idea on how to make plans for moving heavy pieces of furniture, then what you need is help from professional Sydney Removalists .

Affordable Sydney Removalists is a leading provider of cheap and effective removal services from packing, moving, unpacking, organizing and planning your move. We also give tips and advice on how to make your move easier since not all can afford to hire professional movers. For this article, we are going to give you tips and advice on how you can make heavy furniture moving easier.

Here’s Sydney Removalists Tips for Heavy Furniture Moving

Sydney Removalists

Use your Brains!

  • To successfully move heavy furniture, you have to use your brains and not to fully rely on muscles. You have to create a plan of route and how you will be able to fit the huge and heavy furniture on the openings of your home. If you think that some of the furniture would not fit through your door, then the best option you have is to disassemble the furniture to avoid getting them scratched. But make sure that you know how to put them back together. In any case, taking a photo of the assembled furniture before disassembling it might help.

Wrapping the Furniture

  • To protect your furniture better, you have to wrap them using furniture blankets. This will help avoid scratches and damage. Also, knowing that your furniture is fully protected, it will be easier for you to carry it. If you have appliances like refrigerator, these items may require a more special packing covers for better protection.

Moving through the Stairs

  • To get heavy items down stairs, you would need to use two boards as a ramp. Make sure that there are at least a couple of friends to help you with the furniture if you decide to use the boards. Another option is to lay the object on a quilt or heavy blanket and use it to slowly bring the furniture down the stairs.

If you need more tips and advice related to moving, then check out our Sydney Removalist blog! You can also call us at 0411722567.

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