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October 25, 2015

Our past article is about tips on how to have a great garage sale before moving. We gave you a few tips but there’s more tips to having a great garage sale before moving and Sydney City Removalists | Affordable Sydney Removals is going to give you more! So prepare your pen and paper and take note of these tips. These tips are proven effective and very much helpful for movers.

Affordable Sydney City Removalists is your leading providers of quality and affordable packing, moving and unpacking services. We provide the highest quality of service to help movers like you have a smooth and successful move. We are here to help you in any way we can and we will provide you with everything you need to know about moving. If you need a professional moving partner, then we are the best for you. But before you hire us, first make your garage sale the best one ever by following our tips!

Affordable Sydney City Removalists List of Tips for a Great Garage Sale:

Put up Signs

  • If you are doing a garage sale, it’s best if your neighbors know about it. But how are you going to endorse these to your neighbors easily? Put up signs! They will not only attract your neighbors, they will also attract any passers-by. Make sure to keep your message simple and readable. A garage sale without a sign is a sign of no garage sale.

Be Patient and Approachable

  • You might have new customers that would ask a lot of questions about the things you are selling; but just be patient and friendly towards them. Knowing that you are approachable, your customers will enjoy their shopping at your garage sale. Selling requires a lot of patience and you must be very patient and be very approachable for possible costumers this will help you sell.

Organize your Merchandise

  • If your things are properly arranged and in order, it will not only be easy to monitor them, it will also attract your customers and provide them with convenience. They will easily be able to see your items and you can immediately give details if you saw that they are interested with it. A properly organized merchandise is eye catchy and attractive.

Create Pathways

  • When having a garage sale, you should create pathways. Do not put all the stuff in one place. Blocking the way will only annoy your customers. So create a pathway in between your sales so that customers will be able to view your items clearly. Again, organize your products in a way that all of them will be showcased properly.

Remove all Attachments

  • By attachments we mean your emotional attachments to your things. If you don’t remove emotional attachments then it would be hard for you to sell your things. You should be able to let go of your things without hesitation. Let go and have a room for new things to come.

Be Flexible with your Pricing

  • If an item didn’t sell on day 1, then you should at least reduce its price minimally on day 2. You can also offer package deals on multiple items. This will help you sell more items and reduce the leftovers.

Got Leftovers? Donate them!

  • Finally, at the end of your garage sale, if you still have a few things left then you can donate them to charity. This will not only help you get rid of these few items, it will also help people on the charity.

Now that you have had a successful garage sale, the next thing to plan is your move. You don’t have to be stressed; Affordable Sydney City Removalists is here to help you achieve success like we did on your garage sale.

You can also watch our video below and  view our other articles about Childproofed Moving and Identifying Unprofessional Movers.

Having a hard time with your move? Sydney City Removalists will make it a lot easier! For more information, Contact us now at 0411722567!

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