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June 11, 2013

Removals Sydney understands the challenges of home moving. Moving can be completely overwhelming on what and how you should start packing and everything.  This can be more confusing for first time home movers and even experienced movers are not exempted because somehow moving is never easy. Most often, they tend to concentrate on the obvious tasks and completely forgetting more important little details. However, thanks to Removals Sydney, moving is no longer terrifying.

People’s moving and packing styles may differ however Removals Sydney can give you a more or less standard packing tips for easier and stress free moving.

Removals Sydney moving tips:

  1. Before you start packing, it is very helpful to have a to-do list. You can have a list for the following: List for packing materials, a calendar to monitor your progress, list of all your items to be packed and its best to prepare a list on a room by room basis.
  2. Write down your plans on when and how you are going to start packing. You can also have plans b, c, d etc. in case your plan A will not work out.
  3. Book to Removals Sydney as early as possible to give you enough time to plan together and discuss more important details about your moving.
  4. Start sorting your belongings six months earlier. Moving can be fun if you can start clean and fresh. You do not need to bring things that you don’t use anymore. You can go for a yard sale or just give this stuff to a charity organization.
  5. You should never underestimate the number of boxes that you will need. You may request to your removals company for the boxes or you can buy them. Make sure to avail strong and sturdy boxes to protect your valuables during the moving day. Avail boxes of different sizes (small, medium, large) because your belongings will need different packing sizes. If you are trying to save money, you can ask for boxes from stores near you.
  6. Collect packing materials such as newspapers, bubble wraps, packing tapes, marking pens, etc. You can also use towels, linens, thin blankets to wrap fragile items.
  7. It is also highly advised to use ropes or twine to bind books for easier lifting and movement. Heavy items such as books should be packed in smaller boxes for more comfortable lifting during the removals day.
  8. You can also use movers wrap to pack furniture such as television and other large items at home. A movers wrap is a big roll of saran wrap like material. You can either request your moving company for the movers wrap or buy them yourself.
  9. Remember to label your boxes, this will make packing a lot easier and it saves more time.
  10. Be prepared with a contingency fund. You do not know when you will need some cash on hand during the removals day.
  11. Get help from relatives or friends. Moving is back breaking activity that will need team work. Surely some friends will be willing to give you a hand during your big moving day.

Removals Sydney has been serving families and offices for their moving needs for the past fifteen years. The company is bursting with confidence for having mastered the art of moving, with their years of experience, they have mastered every moving technique that could certainly make your moving smooth and easy. The company’s team members are always ready to move you in a fun and easy manner.

Cheap Movers Sydney , Removals Sydney

Affordable Removals Sydney will not allow you to go through a difficult moving process. Most of the time, families will expect a fair amount of stress once they decided to move. You may remember some funny scenes during your previous removals such as fighting with your spouse on where the frying pan was packed in; or worst, you ended up unpacking all the boxes looking for your blankets to be used for the first night at the new house. Well, good news is, you never have to deal with that again, Removals Sydney is here to help you every step of the way.

Definitely, you can take things easily as long as you allotted enough time to cover every moving preparation that you need. Here are further tips for home moving specifically:

Removals Sydney ‘s home moving guidelines:

  1. Depending on your time and budget, you may ask the removals company to do all the packing for you. Otherwise, you can also choose to pack some lighter items while leaving the complex packing for sensitive stuff such as your refrigerator, personal computer, etc. Additionally, inform and arrange with your removals company about special items such as plants, antiques, wine collections or anything that needs extra care during transit.
  2. The earlier you decide on a moving schedule, the better. This enables you and your removals company to achieve more realistic moving objectives. It will also help you plan better and have more time preparing.
  3. Removal companies are not allowed to alter with main services such as your gas, electricity, telephone or internet services. Hence, make it a priority to arrange for all of these at least one month before you move. While we take care of your biggest step which is the move, you can handle your personal errands.
  4. Run down supplies and stocks in your freezer two weeks before the moving day. Refrigerators should be emptied and defrosted during the moving day.
  5. Changing carpet and repainting your brand new home prior the moving is a home removals best practice. It may cost you some money but it will be more expensive if you do this stuff after you are moved in.
  6. You may leave clothes and lighter stuff in your chests of drawers but heavy items such as books, documents, etc. should be packed in separate boxes.
  7. Provide a sketch and discuss to your removals company about your old and new house access points. This enables them to foresee and address concerns during the home removals such as narrow streets, small doorways, overhanging trees, etc. Also, inform Affordable Removals Sydney if you are moving to a flat or at the seventh floor of a multi-story building. It is helpful if the company addresses any problems that may arise during the moving day.

Moving is a process that you can learn and applying some tips and guidelines from Affordable Removals Sydney can make your moving easier. You don’t just prepare your home for the moving but yourself as well. You have to be emotionally, mentally, financially and physically prepared to do all the tasks involved.

Affordable Removals Sydney can be with you all the way until you arrive in your marvelous new home. The company is confident and happy to take you home with ease and hassle free.

The difficulty of furniture moving is understood well by a lot of movers. Of course, there are ways to make furniture moving easy and one of these ways is to hire Professional Furniture Removals Sydney . Asking help from the experts will make the move easier and will give you more time to focus on other important tasks that you have to do. Affordable Sydney Removals is one of the leading provider of cheap and safe moving.

Affordable Sydney Removals offers packing, moving and unpacking safer and cheaper, we have trained staff to give professional services that would certainly meet the expectations of our costumers. When it comes to furniture, we are also your best bet. With our expertise, we can easily move your furniture safely and without having a lot of problem. But if you wish to move on your own, we can only give you tips to make your move easier.

Here are Removals Sydney ‘s Furniture Moving Tips

Use Straps and Dollies

  • Using furniture straps and dollies will make your move a lot efficient. You can use this to lift heavier furniture and move them easier. This will also help prevent you from getting injuries when you try to carry the furniture alone. If you don’t have these equipment, you can always rent them from moving companies.

Take Measurements

  • Taking measurements would be wise especially if you are not sure if the furniture would fit the doorwway. Atleast, if you measured and it dont fit well, then you can plan a new route where your furniture would be moved. If you didn’t take measurements and immediately carried the furniture, you might have problems if if it didn’t fit the hall and doorways well.

Ask Help

  • Asking help will make the move faster and will save you from injuries and accidents. It would also be nice to have someone to talk to so that you wouldn’t get bored while doing the tasks. It would also make the tasks easier, so ask a friend or relative to help you and the moving will be over in no time.

Use Covers

  • Covering your furniture will keep it safe from dents and scratches. Especially if the furniture is heavy and huge, you will not be able to avoid all bumps that can cause damage to your furniture. You can buy or rent furniture blankets to use as covers or you can also use alternatives, your own blankets.

If you want to make furniture moving a lot easier, you should hire Furniture Removals Sydney to assist you with your move. Call us now at 0411722567!

Cheap House Movers , Removals Sydney

There are times when we don’t need the help of the professionals with our move as the move maybe a small job or a short distance. But no matter how small the move is, we still have to be prepared to ensure that our move will go smoothly, you should have a detailed plan and a clear goal. Although you don’t need removals Sydney , we might still be able to help you with your move by giving you tips and ways on how you can make your move easier.

Affordable Removals Sydney is your one stop shop for moving supplies and moving services. We offer high quality tools and equipment as well as other packing and moving materials at very affordable prices. We also offer great quality moving services, from packing, moving organizing and unpacking. We guarantee that you will never be disappointed with our services!

Here’s Removals Sydney ‘s Tips for Moving by Yourself

Estimate your Budget

  • Since you are not going to hire a mover, it would be easier to budget your expenses. You have to think about the most important things first: house cleaning, the packing materials that you’ll need, transportation and others. You should shop for the materials and look for ones with great quality yet affordable. For the boxes, there are many places you can look for. For the other material, you can look for cheap and quality at moving companies.

Know the Proper Way of Packing

  • One reason why movers hire moving partners is to have their valuables packed safely. But if you know the tricks and rules of packing, then you won’t need to hire packers. If you are confident that you can pack your things safely, then you should do it and save yourself from more expenses.

Ask Help

  • Even though you decide to move on your own, you will still need help. You can always ask help from your friends or relative to give you a hand when carrying or packing your things. It would be safer to have an assistance especially when carrying heavy furniture to avoid injuries.

Know the Proper Lifting Techniques

  • Since you will be doing most tasks, you should know the different lifting techniques to avoid getting injured. You should also take your time to rest so you won’t overwork yourself.

If you can’t handle the tasks on your own, maybe it’s better to hire Professional Removals Sydney . For more information, contact us now at 0411722567!

Packing the kitchen is one of the hardest part of packing since you will not only be packing appliance, you will also pack the dishes which are very fragile. If these items are not properly packed, you will have a lot of trouble by the end of the move since you will find them broken or damaged. Of course, this will also cost you a lot for replacement of the items that has been broken. But with the help of Removals Sydney | Professional Packers, you can save yourself from more expenses and keep your items protected during the whole move.

Affordable Removals Sydney is one of the best movers in Sydney that provides top-notch moving services at a very affordable cost. If you want to make any moving processes easier and stress-free, then you should hire the best moving partner, ASRemovals.

Here’s Affordable Removals Sydney ‘s Tips for Packing the Kitchen

Removals Sydney

Packing the Appliances

  • Packing the appliances will be easy if you still have the old boxes that they were originally packed with. If you don’t have them, you will need medium sized packing boxes. Before packing, make sure that your appliances are clean and dry. Remove the smaller parts like bowls. Find the manual of the appliances to easily put back the disassembled part. If the manual is not found, taking a photo before disassembling the appliances might help. Make sure to wrap the disassembled parts with bubble wraps also double the cover with newspapers or packing papers. Use also these materials to wrap the smaller metal or plastic pieces. When packing, put the appliance first then stack the lighter and smaller pieces on top of the item.


  • When packing your dinnerware, place a couple layers of bubble wraps at the bottom of the packing boxes. Wrap each piece of your dinnerware with a thin layer of packing paper before stacking them one at a time. Also, add an extra layer of bubble wraps every three dishes. If you have no bubble wraps, clothes can be a good alternative. For the extremely fragile wares, wrap them individually with t shirts to avoid more expenses from buying bubble wraps.


  • Packing the silverware with other items may cause damage especially to the fragile ones. To save yourself from trouble, you can start your packing by sorting out the dinnerware according to their type. You should also wrap the categorized wares using a rubber band. This will help you prevent loss of items.

Now that you know how to properly pack your kitchen, you can move with little worries on your mind. Hire Affordable Removals Sydney now! Call us at 0411722567.

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