Planning Your Next Sydney Removals

It’s All in the Planning Sydney Removals

The earlier you can start Planning Sydney Removals the more likely it will be issue free and that you will be able to focus on settling in to your new house or office.Here are a few things that you should do or think about prior to your move;Planning Sydney Removals Furniture Removalist Company | Home and Office Movers

1) Arrange a removalist as early as possible. If you leave it to the last minute you may find that your preferred removalist is booked up.

2) Contact interested parties in relation to notifying them of your change of address. This would include banks, clubs, doctors etc. Also make sure you change your details on the electoral role.

3) Get rid of any stuff that you don’t want. You don’t want to be moving it from one house to another.

4) If you are moving with small children then book some babysitting for removals day.

5) Organise to get you post redirected to the new house.

6) Contact the utility companies for both your new house and your old house to organise disconnection and reconnection.

7) Buy cartons and packing materials or arrive with your mover to provide them.

8) If you have pets then plan how you are going to get them to the new premises and how you will keep them safe and out of the way during the move.

9) Dismantle furniture or organise with your removalist to dismantle furniture.

10) Work with your removalist to plan the final destination for each of the boxes and furniture. Early planning can prevent a lot of unnecessary moving on and post removals day.

11) Leave forwarding details for the new occupant of your house.

12) If the house is to be left vacant for a period of time inform the neighbours or police.

If you need any further advice in terms of how to plan for and carry out your home or office move then give us a call on 0411 722 567.


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