Piano Removals Sydney | Factors that Affect the Cost

November 2, 2016

Moving a piano is one of the hardest removal experience you will encounter. Not only does it require professionals, it can also be costly. You will need Piano Removals Sydney that has years of experience with the right equipment to make sure that your piano will be brought to your new home in one piece without any damage. If you are having a problem with your piano moving budget, then this is the right to calculate the cost of the move, and in order to do that, you need to know the factors that will affect the moving cost.

Some may say that Piano Removals Sydney are expensive,well, if you want your piano to be moved safely and damaged-free then you have to spend some cash. Don’t worry because every penny that you’ll be spending on Piano Removals Sydney will be so much worth it.

Here are the Factors that will affect the Cost of your Piano Removals Sydney

The Mover

  • Depending on your choice of mover, there will be a huge difference for the cost of your move. Choosing the right mover is the key to getting quality services at affordable moving costs. A good way to find a reliable piano removals Sydney is to call piano shops, technicians or piano teachers in your area as they may have had experience with moving and you can get a referral of the best mover they have hired. If you get recommendations, the next step is to get estimates from the different movers. This will help you in choosing the right movers that you need.

Piano Type and Size

  • The cost of the move also depends on the type and size of the piano. Know that there are many types of pianos, upright and grand are examples. You also have to provide the exact type of piano so that the movers would be able to give you an accurate quote. The size of the piano is another important factor in calculating the cost of your move. Upright pianos are measure by their height, from the floor to its lid. While grand pianos are measured by length, from one end of the keyboard to the end of the piano’s bow. These details will determine how many movers will be required to carry the piano and what equipment will be used.

Distance and Destination

  • Give the exact details on where the piano is currently located and where you want it to be moved. Considering the fuel and labor cost, the distance will affect the cost of your move. When providing the information about the current place and destination, include the suburb, the city where you’re living in or the postal code.

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