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February 15, 2016

Before you lift that piano and move it somewhere, don’t you think you would need help? Of course you do, but where do you get help? Should you ask your friends, family or hire professionals? The Best choice is to hire Professional Piano Removalists Sydney . It may Cost you a little but if you really care about the piano, you wouldn’t mind the expenses as long as your piece of wonderful musical instrument is safe and moved safely. Do not let carelessness ruin your beautiful instruments, let the professionals do it for you.

Now that you have decided how to move your piano, have you considered a few important notes before you move it? No? Well, that’s okay, Piano Removalists Sydney will help you with that too! So before you hire us…

Piano Removalists Sydney ‘s Things to Consider when Moving a Piano:

Prepare the Piano

  • Your main concern when you are going to move a piano is how to move it from your house to another safely. That is why you’d have to prepare the piano and “pack” it the appropriate way. By packing the piano, we do not literally mean putting it in a box,. You just have to wrap it with paddings to secure it. If you do not know how to properly wrap a piano, you can ask a moving company to do it for you.


  • The measurements are important. Not only the piano, even the openings and hallways. You need to see if the piano would fit you doorway and your hallway. Be sure to remove anything that is on the way before you move the piano. If the piano didn’t fit, then you’d have to find another way. It is important that the piano be moved with enough space to prevent dents and scratches.

Lifting Equipment

  • The professional Piano Removalists would have equipmnt to lift the piano so you won’t have to worry about it too much. What you have to worry about though, is the safety of your piano. Make sure that the edges are wrapped with covers and the keyboard lid doesn’t open while it is being moved.

If you want your piano to be moved safely, then you would need the help of Professional Piano Removalists Sydney . And when it comes to Professional Piano movers, Affordable Sydney Removals is the best choice. We have complete tools and equipment, our team are experienced and experts with regards to moving. No matter how big the job is , our team of professionals can absolutely handle it!

As a professional Piano Removalists Sydney , we are going to give you effective piano moving tips that are based on our experience. Since we have been in the moving industry for years and we learned a lot of thing regarding moving different furniture, packages and even piano, we are giving you tips so that we are able to help you without you needing to spend more.

Piano Removalists Sydney Piano Moving Tips:

Piano Wrapping

  • In wrapping the piano, you can use blankets or padding. Wrap the piano in particular corners and secure it with packing tape, but make sure to keep the tape from contacting the piano’s surface as it may ruin it. Also make sure that the cover of the piano is thick enough to protect it from bumps.

Piano Lifting

  • The legs of a piano are extremely vulnerable, so lifting it by its legs is NOT recommendable. You should also keep the piano in an upright position since laying it on its side may not be good for its inner mechanics. When you lift a piano, you might need more people than you expect. There should be two people on each end and four people supporting the four corners as you lift the piano in the furniture dolly. Make sure the piano’s legs are sitting flat on the dolly and are well secured.

Securing the Piano in the Truck

  • The piano should be placed and positioned at the back of the moving truck, next to the back wall that separates the truck’s interior cab from the space in the back. Using wood planks to ensure level flooring for the piano is recommended since most truck spaces are not level. This will help relieve pressure on the piano legs and casters which will strain to stabilize during the move.

Placing the Piano in your New Home

  • Before your piano is moved into your new home, you should have already planned where it would be placed. It should be placed against a wall and preferably an inside wall where it would protected from cold and damp. If you need to move the piano through stairs or elevator, Professional Piano Removalists Sydney may be required.

With Affordable Sydney Removals to help you with your piano move, expect that everything will go as smooth and safe as possible. Read also our articles about Garage Sale Moving Tips, Childproofed Moving and Identifying Unprofessional Movers.


If you are in need of safe and professional Piano Removalists Sydney , Affordable Removals will be happy to help you. Contact us now at 0411722567!

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