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September 21, 2016

When packing, the first material that we think of are the packing boxes Sydney and we become too busy in pursuit of quality boxes that we overlook the other important packing materials. That’s why during your preparation, it’s wise to make a list of the packing supplies that you will need to avoid forgetting them during shopping. Having a list will make you keep track of the things you need to get and buy. Packing is one of the most important tasks when moving so you really have to gather all necessary packing supplies before you start packing to avoid delays.

Affordable Sydney Removals will help you create a list of the most important packing supplies that you will need. With our experience in packing, we know what is it that you need for every item that you need to pack. You can be assured that this list of packing supplies will be the one you really need for the move, we provide the list and their designated purpose.

Here are the Necessary Packing Supplies other than Packing Boxes Sydney

Packing Paper

  • Packing papers come in handy when you are packing breakable items such as glasses, plates and other delicate items. The more packing papers you have, the safer your breakable items are. If there’s a space in your box, then it is good to fill it up with crumpled papers to have more protection. The packing paper are not that expensive, but in case you don’t want to spend cash for these, you can rely on alternatives such as the good old newspapers. If you secured your stuff in a box full of packing paper then you’re good to go.

Bubble Wrap

  • This popular popping bubble wrap is very useful when packing fragile items and electronic appliances. Use this to wrap bigger delicate items to protect them from damaged or getting broken. During the transportation of the boxes, you can never be too careful. The boxes might be dropped, fall or get bumps when you are carrying them or stacking them and knowing that they are fully protected using bubble wraps, it’s one less thing to worry about. If you have many fragile belongings then bubble wrap is your best friend.

Stretch Wrap

  • This wrap is used to cover large items from elements such as dust, pest and even rain. Before you move your furniture, invest in stretch wraps, wrap them tightly around your item and this wrap will keep your item safe from dirt and water. The stickiness of the material is also great for bundling items that have odd shapes. It might be a thin material but it can protect your things perfectly.

Packing Labels

  • The labeling materials are necessary to make the post move easy and hassle free. It may be an additional task when you are packing, but take note that the labels will be a great help when you are unloading and unpacking your packing boxes Sydney. Most people neglect labeling boxes, don’t be one of them. labeling is as important as packing. Never neglect labeling your packed things because it can greatly help you in packing and unpacking.


  • This one is used to gather up your files and clip them to avoid loss or damage of important papers and documents. Keeping all your important paperwork and checklists together is important during a relocation. You don’t want to lose your important documents due to strong winds during the move or lost a page of your paper when packing, so make sure to keep them intact using a clipboard.

Whatever materials you need, from packing boxes Sydney to the other supplies, ASRemovals sure have it! Contact us now at 0411722567.

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