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June 25, 2013

Although working in a new office might seem exciting; relocating the office facilities can be a bit inconvenient, not to mention the amount of profit you might lose while your business temporarily closes for the move, but what most business don’t know is that you can actually prepare for your move while still focusing on your business. I know that it is what you desire that is why, Office Removals Sydney is the most suitable company to assist you with the move!

Here at Office Removals Sydney, you can be assured of a brisk yet a secured move—we have the equipment, manpower, and experience to cater to your moving needs; no matter how small or big it is. Our professional staff of removalists can assist you with disassembling office furniture, reassembling office furniture, packing and unpacking, and a range of other tasks that would surely move you, we can do this as you continue to do even more of your important job related things.

Managing effective office relocation can be a bit tricky.

Office Removals Sydney tips for Planning an Office Move:

Evaluate The Present Situation And The Need for Office Removals Sydney

  • There are colossal decisions that must be thought through, for this decision becomes the starting point of the success of your business. Knowing the purpose of your move is one of them—when you are able to determine the purpose of your move clearly, you will be able to map out the proper plan and the accurate needs for the move and the operation of your business.

Specify Your Requirements

  • Having a consensus and an idea from the decision makers about the key drivers of the office move would help you save time and have a smooth move.  Don’t worry about the technical specifics as an external property move professional could help you with it, but understanding the basic strategic and operational requirements can make a big difference. The key drivers of the office move includes: Where and when you want to move, how much space you need, key features your office needs to have, your planned business objectives and the type & length of lease you want.

Appoint The Proper Office Removals Sydney Project Team

  • Office Removals Sydney is a major operation and coordinated effort is needed for a favorable outcome. Building the right office move project team is critical; therefore the appointed people should be suitable in assisting the progress and all aspects of the move. A project leader must be selected as soon as the decision in relocating has been made. There are several requisites in choosing the person to put in charge for this position and these are the following: The person must have the authority and be senior enough to act on behalf the business and to make decisions for the project, must be efficient in organizing people and processes (this includes being a good communicator as well), and the person must also have experiences in setting and working within budgets.

Start Early

  • George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is nothing that can be changed more completely than human nature when the job is taken in hand and early enough.” So, if you have set out your plan and met the other requirements and needs, starting early will give you a better chance of attaining the smooth move you expect.  As soon as the project leader is appointed, the planning and work should start. Within 9 to 18 months prior to the lease expiration, you must already start reviewing your options. Starting early would not only save time, it would also save you money.

Construct A Realistic Budget

  • Creating a budget will help you determine the costs. It would also be able to help you manage your resources all through the process

Work With The Right Office Removals Sydney

  • The office relocation process can be intricate, distressing, and can take up too much of your time. It would also be costly, since you have to hire the appropriate laborers and transportation to handle your equipment.  Your decision is this process would have a great impact on the profitability of your business. Engaging with the right team for your office relocation is a great help. They will assist you with the process, save you money, and make sure you don’t make critical mistakes that could disrupt the business operation or profitability.

Inform Your Employees and Clients

  • It is important that when you plan to move, you should notify everyone concern in your business especially your employees and costumers. Let your employees have their own time to prepare by letting them know about the move in advance. Informing you clients is also a must, your clients take huge parts in your business that is why it is just right to inform them so that they’ll know where to visit you next.

Office Removals Sydney is here for your office moving. Office expansion and moving is really a hard task but for sure, you can lessen the stress and make it a successful one. The challenges of office moving  can be the losses associate to office down hours, the possible damages of office items during transit, the moving day itself and so many others. It also takes a lot of coordination to all you program partners, clients and customers.

However, early preparation and a series of planning can take out all the factors that can make your office moving overwhelming.

Office Removals Sydney ‘s office moving tips:

  • Initially, study the floor plans of your old office versus your new office. Start planning on how you will position your office equipment and furniture. You may need some measuring device to insure that your tables and cabinets to its locations as planned.
  • Apply color coding to all packages by staff. One staff may assign color yellow to all her items, and green for others, etc. This will make your life easier when you start unpacking. Even cabinets, folders, office supplies, chairs, tables, etc.  should be properly labeled for easy identification.
  • Some office supplies such as printers, photocopiers, etc needs special care during shifting. Be careful to read its manuals, for example, some printers requires the removal of cartridges during moving.
  • Check out the access points of both ends. Do your own ocular surveys to your new office address to check if there are access difficulties such as the driveway and parking spaces. Also check out for narrow streets or overhanging trees that you can address as early as possible prior to the moving day. Measure your furniture versus doors openings. Check out difficulties that may be encountered when bringing your cabinets out, try to do a dry run to foresee the challenges that has to be addressed as early as possible.
  • You may also rent or hire plastic crates from Office Removals Sydney. These are the best and easiest way to pack office equipment.
  • Office moving can also be the best time to clean your office. Depending on the type of services you have, you may throw away documents piled in your store room five years ago. However, for some offices, no document can really be thrown away. So the best thing to do is to check out irrelevant documents that will never be used in the future and throw it away.
  • If you decide to do your office packing, then get as many packing materials as possible such as boxes with different sizes, bubble wraps, packing tapes, marking pens, etc.
  • In case you share office to other offices then inform them as early as possible about your moving. Don’t surprise them with all the noise during your moving day; at least prepare your neighbors and janitors too. You may also ask the people in charged in the parking lots to free the spaces for you.
  • Be smart enough to get a computer technician to do the rewiring of your computers in your new office location.

Office Removals Sydney has been the office moving partner of Sydney for the past fifteen years. With our years of services, we have accumulated every posible skills and strategies that would certainly fit your moving demands. Office Removals Sydney is a family owned company and you can always trust the quality and honest services they applied for so many years. 

Affordable Sydney Removals are the leading  and most trusted Office Removals Sydney ! For all your moving needs, contact 0411 722 56

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