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June 18, 2013

One of the many reasons why business owners move their office to a new location is because the business is expanding, Office Removalists Sydney is equally excited that your business has expanded and you will need more space and employees. Now that you are moving to a whole new location, Office Removalists Sydney is here for you to make the moving as easy and stress free as possible. We love to help you continue operating your business while we take care of your move from preparing everything to packing.

Office Removalists Sydney Tips for an Easy Move:

Offices are good in breaking big office tasks into smaller more manageable responsibilities. The good news is that this is almost the same with office moving. You can divide the huge tasks to more simple and doable responsibilities to each of your employees. Remember that you cannot do everything on your own, asking help and diving the task will make it easier and a lot less time consuming.

Initially you will need to evaluate your situation and plan with your employees together. Office moving needs plenty of team work so you really need to involve all your staff. However, you can just assign one project coordinator and few staff to implement the plans in order to maintain office operations.

Here are the requirements that needed to be assessed for the new location vis-à-vis your old office: space required, office lease expiry, forecasted growth and your current liabilities and obligations. Be sure to address these concerns to prevent future problems.

Booking Office Removalists Sydney as early as possible can help you project the total cost and material requirements that you will need. Knowing all these moving stuff can ensure that your plans are moving to your targeted goals and objectives. Likewise, it can save time, money and resources.

Your removals company can manage the technical needs of your move, but you needed to work out the following: how much space do you need; is your new location convenient and accessible for you customers? What are the major features of your new office? Are you sold to your moving objectives? And be clear on the matters relating to the lease.

Moving forward, seek legal advice regarding the signing of your office lease. Avoid troubles in the future by making sure that you know the legalities of your documents. Your moving budget should be realistically assessed and prepared. Surely, you don’t want to waste your office resources by being lax when it comes to your expenses.

Inform you program partners, customers, suppliers and service providers about your moving schedule and new address at least a month in advance.

Office moving is also the best time to sort out and clean your documents. It’s time to get rid on the pile of documents sitting in your stock rooms for the past ten years. Be sure to sort out unimportant old files and be cautious not to throw files that mean a fortune to your company.

Finally, recheck all your boxes if everything are properly labeled. Also, make sure that all boxes have a list of its contents for easier unpacking. Check if the boxes are properly sealed for safety.

Office Removalists Sydney has been the moving buddy of families and offices around Sydney and nearby interstates for fifteen years. The company is operating on the principles of honesty and quality services. Also, you can always rely to the company’s team members who are trained and has mastered the art of moving.

Affordable Sydney Removals are the leading Office Removalists Sydney ! For all your moving needs, contact 0411 722 567!

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