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November 14, 2014

It is no longer new that some businesses transfer locations, it could be because they are expanding or the new location provides better sales. What ever the reason may be, it is best to hire professional Office Relocation Sydney for your office move. We take care of your moving process as you stay focused on your business without compromising any wasted hours and possible clients. We take pride of our services as we want nothing but satisfaction for our customers.

When your business decides to have Office Relocation Sydney , it is important to inform your clients that you are moving office. Do not confuse your clients the next time they visit you and you are no longer there. If you value them, inform them.

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Office Relocation Sydney Tips in Order to let your Client know about your New Location

Call your clients

  • In order for your business to resume smoothly, your clients should have an idea when you will relocate, and where the new office is located. Have one of your employees call them one by one to explain the change. Not only will your clients save time looking for the new office, but they will also feel special for being informed personally; which is both advantageous to your Office Relocation Sydney  . To ensure the strong relationship you have made with your clients, inform them about your move so that they will know exactly where to go when they plan to visit your office again.

Inform your neighbors

  • There are instances when your client/s could not be reached by a phone call. Chances are by the time they figure it out; they would not know where the new location of your business is. If your old clients have no idea where to go and buy your service/ product, your sales will also suffer. Before transferring, make sure your neighbor establishments are aware so when your clients will ask around, your neighbors would know where to point to. Chances are, clients will ask neighbor if they are not informed about your move so better inform your neighbors.

Social media

  • Using social media sites is a very effective way to reach out to your clients as many people are very active in using such sites. Owning a page in Facebook for your business will save you a lot of time and trouble regarding information dissemination. One post would be enough to inform a hundred, or maybe thousands, of your customers. Maybe you can include a Google Map and a photo of your new location for easier navigation of your clients. Everything is already being posted on social media so take advantage of it and announce your relocation online.

During Office Relocation Sydney  , you are not only moving your office itself, but you are also moving your clients, which is a crucial factor in owning a business. Keeping these tips in mind can help your business resume like it did not move in the first place.

If you are in need of fast and affordable office relocation Sydney , you should only hire the best mover around. Contact us now at 0411 722 567!

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