Moving Office Sydney | Tips for Writing to Your Employees

November 4, 2014

Moving Office Sydney times, it’s a must for business owners to settle everything that will be left behind and preparing everything for the next step. Included in these preparations are getting rid and moving of stuff, updating their business address, reorganizing the new office and informing their customer and clients about the move. As important as these things are, there is one thing that is just as important yet often neglected: properly informing the employees, this is as important as preparing and planning, informing employees will help them keep updated about the company. Do not neglect your employees when you decide to move, it is also their right to know. Let them feel that they belong and that they are included in your plans.

Since your company or business is actually composed of three things: products/services, clientele and manpower, they should all be given equal importance. Employees also need to be spoken to properly. This would lead to a positive outlook regarding the Moving Office Sydney . Confusion, misunderstanding and hard feelings would be avoided and a continuous harmony would flow throughout the last day of the old office. One of the most subtle ways you can do to inform them properly about the move is create a memo. This can also be a preparation before the actual meeting about it.

Moving Office Sydney Tips on Writing a Relocation Memo to fit the Stated Purpose:

  • Choose a clear and solid font. You may aim for a friendlier one but don’t go too artsy for it might not be easily readable. Remember to stay professional even with your choice of font.
  • Complete the four-part heading to be clear on who the memo is for and what it’s about:
    • To
    • From
    • Date
    • Subject
  • Limit the length of your memo.Normally, the shorter the memo, the better, because it’s best to be straightforward and precise. Also, long memo would definitely be too boring to be read seriously. For relocation memo though, you should at least add a few personal touches to make it more sincere and not too void of emotions. But you should still keep it short enough. Also, end your memo in a positive tone, leaving the readers the impression that even though it can’t be undone, the move would be for the good. The memo should be informative and easy to understand.
  • Let your memo be rechecked by others. A simple grammatical error could distract the readers from the message of the memo. You should also let them check on how the memo appeals to them and if it delivers the message correctly.

Distribute the Moving Office Sydney memo in advance, keep your employees informed ahead of time so they too can prepare properly. You may choose to distribute it generally by posting it on the memo board or individually by giving each employee a copy.

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