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August 9, 2013

Moving Companies Sydney is a committed company providing quality services at very affordable price. We guarantee our high quality services which is tested over time. Our over ten years in the industry is an indication that we are real and we continue to develop our approach and strategies in moving to make your relocation easier. Our years of experience is what makes us a step higher than any moving company. Through the years, we have already established a strong credibility.

We know that some people have experienced a disastrous home or office removals while engaging with a cheap moving company. For us here in Moving Companies Sydney, we are fully pledged to the care and safety of all your belongings. We take full responsibility from the packing, unpacking, loading and unloading of all your valuables. We take pride of our high quality and highly recommended services at a very friendly price.

We care about long term relationships with our customers and clients and we are proud that many of our customers were referrals from our long time clients. Also, our team members were with us for over a decade now. We guarantee satisfaction for our costumers because you deserve the best from the best.

Moving Companies Sydney tips for a cheaper move:

  • You can make use of boxes from your local grocery store in packing your clothes or any other lighter items you have at home. Just be sure that the boxes are properly sealed to prevent spillage during the moving.  Save the stronger and standard boxes for moving in packing fragile items and other breakable items.
  • Make use of newspapers as a wrapping for your breakables such as glassware, ceramics and others. However, newspapers should never be used to wrap any chinaware because it can permanently stain it.
  • Asking the help of close friends or family movers is wise and will facilitate more saving for you.
  • Since the assistance of a moving company is required, always look for the best cheaper moving companies around your area. Get at least three quotes and investigate wisely. Check the policy coverage, hidden costs, legal documents such as permits to operate, license, insurance coverage, among others.
  • Sort your things and pack only the things you are sure to use and the things that you need.
  • Once you book to a removal company, ensure that you fully understand the contract and always clarify to your moving company for your questions. Also, ask for their free offers and other services which you can avail at a lower cost.

Moving entails a lot of decisions to make and moving newbies and experienced movers should equally take time to plan and map out their moving journey.

Moving Companies Sydney understands that moving is something big that you really have to prepare for. Planning and time management is the key to a more problem free removals. As a company serving for many years now, we are always happy to assist you in any of your moving needs. Our professional team members are highly experienced and will ensure that pre-move planning, packing, unpacking and your complete moving is handled with utmost care.

Moving Companies Sydney tips for a stress-free move:

  • Plan early to have enough time for your preparation for the move. The moment you’ve decided to move, do not waste any time and start planning.
  • Moving will always entail several sources of costs which you have to be prepared for. Making a list of all your expected costs will be very helpful and sticking to your budget is smart.
  • It is highly important for you to arrange earlier to your moving company as soon as you confirmed that you are moving. Venture out on how you can add additional savings such as moving during off peak seasons, packing some of your things, and others.
  • Get all the details of your new home including access points and possible road limitations. Measure all your furniture versus doorways to ensure that you can go for a smooth relocation.
  • Have enough supply of packing materials and extra boxes; usually you will need more boxes than you expected. Be proactive and get enough packing supplies.
  • Ensure that all your boxes are properly labeled and with the rooms where they should be placed. Also, make sure that your boxes are not overfilled and just enough for one person to carry. Remember that your items will be carried during removals hence; it should be secured and protected.
  • Ensure that your refrigerators are emptied, defrosted and ready for shifting.
  • Asking the help of your friends and family members is also a big help most especially if you have younger kids and pets.

Moving Companies Sydney is proud of its long standing track record which was built with quality, honesty and credibility. We know that customer satisfaction, excellence and exceeding your expectations are our bloodline in the moving industry. We are overwhelmed that most of our customers are repeat clients and many were referrals from our previous customers.

Moving Companies Sydney highly values long term relationships not only to our customers but to our staff members as well. We always provide the necessary training, skills enhancement and empowerment to our team members. Investing to our front liners is a program that we highly advocate because we know that when employees are satisfied they will always give out satisfactory work output. Our company has been synonymous to quality services for a very long time now and we are decided to keep such a wonderful track record.

Moving companies Sydney will move you anywhere in Sydney or nearby interstates. We can give you guaranteed services with our over 10 years of quality and effective moving services. You can rely to our services with our 100% ensured seamless, efficient and low cost services.

Moving companies Sydney is giving you the following guidelines to follow in choosing the right moving companies to match your individual moving needs.

  • Initially, prepare a list of questions and concerns that you are going to ask your moving company. Inquire all about the details of your moving such as free on-site written estimates, door-to-door delivery, packing, unpacking and all other important details of your moving. It is also good if you can ask about deposits and cancellations fees, any discount offers, freebies and be sure to write the name of the customer service representative whom you talked to.
  • Avail free online quotes and get several estimates. Compare all the quotes you avail and study the policy coverage of every moving company.  Check out for possible hidden costs and ensure that you are dealing with transparent moving companies who don’t surprise you with additional expenses at the end of the day. Doing your own research about moving companies can spell you a lot of savings.

Choosing the best moving companies Sydney is crucial to the success of your home removals. Giving yourself time to research on what is the best moving company for you can make your shifting more comfortable.

Moving Companies Sydney checklist on preparing for a relocation:

  • Plan in advance.
  • Prepare your packing materials in advance. Ensure that you have packing supplies for your home removals.
  • Sort out your items and decide what should be sold and given away. It is always best to start clean and fresh in your home destination by discarding things that you do not really use anymore.
  • Prepare a master list of all your items for moving and give a copy to your moving company.
  • It is also best that you have a notebook detailing you plans and daily expenses incurred in your relocation.
  • Inform all your utility service providers about your moving schedule and ensure that final reading and disconnection of services are facilitated a day before you move.
  • Inform your lawn service, cleaning and security services about your moving and terminate the services.
  • Inform your friends and family.
  • Ensure that all your boxes are properly and clearly labeled.
  • Defrost your refrigerator and freezer a day before the moving day.
  • Pack all important documents such as keys, credit cards, identification cards, among others in a box and carry it yourself during the moving day.

Moving companies Sydney is a family owned company that is successfully operating for the over ten years now. Our track record and positive reviews and comments from all of our previous customers inspire us to excel more in the moving industry. We know that customer satisfaction and excellent services is our promise and commitment to everyone moving in Sydney.

Affordable Sydney Removals is one of the leading and the most trusted Moving Companies Sydney ! For all your moving needs, contact 0411 722 567!

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