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June 23, 2013

Some people move almost yearly, it is no longer new that people move because of a job order or just starting anew. What ever reason you may have in moving,  Home Removals Sydney can move you in a more effective and efficient way as long as you are prepared for the big tasks that come with it. Some families who went through a difficult and stressful home removal confirm that their lack of time and preparation had highly contributed to the bad moving experience. However, Home Removals Sydney is here to help you from the start until you are moved safe and sound.

Some moving tips looks practical and common sense; however, these tips are frequently missed making the home moving experience a disaster. Lack of preparation can contribute to high level of stress during the shifting so find time to scan our simple tips and guidelines for a stress free moving.

Home Removals Sydney tips for a lighter home moving:

  • Plan and start early, it is always best that you plan ahead so that you are properly guided with the flow of your move.
  • Before packing, prepare all your necessary packing supplies.
  • Pack items that are only usable for you. You can just sell or give away items that you don’t use anymore
  • Make sure that all packages are legibly and clearly labeled and pack your items on a room by room basis.
  • Inform your removals company about breakable and special items such as your china ware, antiques, etc.
  • When packing lamps or similar items always remove its bulbs and shades and pack it separately. Use bubble wraps in covering the items for more protection.
  • Glass table tops or glass doors should be securely packed with a bubble wrap or thin blanket and a heavy cardboard for additional security during transit.
  • You don’t have to move liquids; you can just leave or throw it away. These products can leak during the moving which may damage some of your stuff.
  • You can put lighter items such as clothing in the drawers of furniture but never put anything heavy in it.
  • Pack heavier items at the bottom of a box such as books and fill it with lighter objects. Never pack heavy items in a large box that a single person can’t carry. Remember that all your boxes will be lifted during the moving so make it as comfortable as possible.

Home Removals Sydney tips for a day before the moving:

  • Free the doorways and prepare all your boxes ready to go.
  • Dismantle beds, cots and furniture ready for shifting
  • Don’t forget to secure the bolts and fittings of disassembled furniture. Put in a plastic and label it carefully and you may also attach it to the furniture itself for easier identification once you are moved in.
  • Plan for a proper parking space for your removal truck. Inform you neighbors at both ends about your home removal schedule so that they can also free the parking and driveways for you.
  • Re check all the rooms, built in cupboards, cabinets, etc. in your old house to make sure that you did not leave anything behind

Home Removals Sydney is proud for having successfully moved families and offices in Sydney and nearby interstates for the past fifteen years. The affordable and quality services of the company makes  them one of the best moving companies in the country.

Affordable Sydney Removals are the leading  and most trusted Home Removals Sydney ! For all your moving needs, contact 0411 722 567!

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