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December 22, 2014

One of the concerns of most people when it comes to moving is their furniture, they’re worried that their precious furniture will be damaged during the move and if you are one of them, worry no more because Furniture Removals Sydney is here to keep you furniture safe and secured. Never let unprofessional and under experienced mover even touch your furniture because they cause nothing but harm, trust professionals only as they most certainly know what they are doing.

Furniture Removals Sydney is going to give you advice in moving furniture. Moving furniture is no joke – it is heavy and difficult to move. One wrong move can cause your pricey furniture to break, there is a high chance that either your back or your house will break too. Choose wisely when it comes to furniture movers because your decision can make or break your furniture and even your move.

Furniture Removals Sydney tips for moving your furniture:

Create a plan

  • Do a measurement of the furniture that you will be moving and make sure that it will fit through the doors, halls, stairs or elevator.  Note of any sharp turns present in the old and new area of your living space. It’s also good to draw a map of both locations. By doing this, you can create a strategy on how to move furnishings efficiently.

Be safe and ask for help.

  • If you can’t lift that furniture, don’t lift it. Admit to yourself that you can’t do it and that you need help. You can always call a friend to help you in moving your furniture. It is always important to ask hep when moving a furniture, this will prevent you from damaging your furniture and hurting yourself.

Dismantle furniture.

  • As much as possible, dismantle your furniture: take bed frames completely part; remove cushions; and remove the legs from couches and tables. If a piece of furniture can be dismantled, dismantle it. This will make moving the furniture easier.
  • Know that you need to secure the screws and other hardware that holds the furniture together. Tape the bag securely to prevent losing any important hardware. If you are to move your bookshelf, make sure that you empty it first. Put your books in boxes and make sure that you pack them safely.

Use dollies.

  • No, not the toy doll. Dollies are low mobile platforms that rolls on casters, used mainly for heavy loads. Instead of carrying your items manually, you can use dollies to move it around. The use of dollies will make your furniture easier to manipulate when moving.

If you have no time in packing and moving your own furniture, you can always hire the best movers in town to assist you. Relocating your home or office will be easy with Furniture Removals Sydney . We provide trained and professional movers that can cater to your furniture removals.

In furniture removals and Furniture Removals Sydney , you should maintain the condition of your furniture so as to avoid resorting to buying a new one in case the old one gets damaged, you might require help from professional Furniture Removals Sydney . When it comes to leather furniture, there are some things an owner can do and should not do in order to maintain the quality and condition of the material. Even though it is durable, it should be handled with care.

Do’s And Don’ts By Furniture Removals Sydney


Don’t Neglect Leather Furniture

Even though leather furniture are durable and long lasting, it’s life can shorten dramatically when you do nothing at all to take care of it. Naturally, if you neglect your furniture, you will one day be astounded on how much it looks dirty and damaged. But no surprise there, because you haven’t actually took care of it in the first place. Having just a small scratch to your leather furniture, for example a sofa, changes its beauty and value and I assume you don’t want that so never neglect a leather furniture.

Don’t Let Stains Set

Even though stains don’t easily stick on leather, it can cause discoloration once it is unattended immediately. A soft but dry cloth can be used to remove spillage on the area. Although most stains can be easily removed before they stick to the leather, some may not, such as grease and oil. Conduct a spot test before deciding on whether to use a mild water-based cleaner.


Do Dust Leather Furniture

Dusting your leather furniture is one of the easiest ways to maintain your furniture’s condition. This will make your furniture’s leather look more vibrant. Aside from using large furniture dusters, you can also use your vacuum. It can suck crumbs and other debris hidden that the duster cannot reach.

Do Condition Leather Furniture

Another way to maintain the leather’s quality is to condition and clean it very often. There are many cleaning products that are suitable for leather that can e used to condition your furniture. Microfiber rags can be used with your leather conditioner to wipe your furniture. If you don’t have the budget to buy these conditioners, you can also use products that might be available in your kitchen such as olive oil.

Doing the small measures mentioned above as well as avoiding the don’ts can dramatically help increase the span of your furniture’s life. The span of your furniture’s life is also up to your careful handling to if you want them to last, you should take these advice and have a lasting bond with your furniture. When you are planning to relocate and you do not know what to do with your furniture, locate a professional Furniture Removals Sydney service near you.

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