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June 11, 2013

Furniture Removalists Sydney is your expert friend and partner in moving your belongings to a new home destination. We know that moving entails a lot of preparation and hard work to move from one place to another. But being armed with plans with matching time table can make the moving easier. Furniture Removalists Sydney is equipped with trained movers that caters to your moving needs.

Moving can be addressed in a holistic manner such as careful planning to everything which includes the change of rent, bills, travel expenses, time and so many more. Manage your expenses, be practical and reasonable. Make a forecast of all the expenses and be prepared with a contingency fund in case something unexpected came up. Having a plan makes everything easier and it can guarantee a perfectly smooth move.

When you book to Furniture Removalists Sydney, be sure that you understand the contract, kind of services to be offered and actual costs. Usually, you can save a lot if you book as early as possible. It is also generally cheaper when you schedule your shifting on a weekday other than weekends and holidays.

If you decide to prepare your furniture by yourself.

Furniture removalists Sydney moving guidelines and tips:

  • Plan ahead, remember that by starting early you are giving yourself plenty of time to prepare.
  • Before packing, be sure that all your packing needs are prepared and are enough to pack all your things.
  • Be ready to take the challenge in packing your items. Arm yourself with measuring materials and manuals if you still have it. Be sure that the furniture fits the doors or hallways by measuring its dimensions. Also check if the furniture fits your new home location.
  • If the drawers can be taken separately then take it out. Remove the cushions off the chairs. Take our breakable items such as mirrors, knobs off, glass tops off and everything that you can disassemble. Your main goal here is to move the furniture lighter and slimmer to pass through narrow spaces.
  • In moving furniture such as sofa or sofa bed, Furniture Removalists Sydney advice removing the mattress and tie a strap around it.
  • Sliders can be your great friend in moving furniture to prevent scratching or tearing.
  • If you can manage to put wheels on your furniture then it will be easier to move and you can save plenty of physical labor.
  • Some furniture can be really heavy. So you may apply baby steps to move it. Push the item by leaning on it and move it little by little.
  • Analyze the furniture and identify the heaviest part of it and carry or manage to handle that part.
  • Don’t sacrifice your back by carrying furniture in a wrong way. There is a proper position for lifting items such as bending your knees lightly and begin lifting your legs. You can check out the internet for proper positions to avoid injury. Yes, protect your furniture from damage but most importantly protect yourself from bone breakage.
  • Always choose a moving company that you can trust. Look for a company that offers reasonable moving cost but with guaranteed quality and effective moving services.
  • Most of the time, spending some amount of money for the packaging and shipping of your furniture can spell more savings to you other than doing the heavy task yourself.
  • Moving can be complicated and time consuming hence proper planning can make moving a lot easier and hiring moving companies can make your job simple. It can also ensure that all your items and belongings are secured and safe.
  • Prepare a checklist or master list of all your items to be moved. Ensure that your items are carried and loaded according to order or on room per room basis. Always coordinate to moving companies about your desires as to what you want your items fixed.
  • Take care of the spare parts of your furniture. The spare parts are really important so ensure that everything are packed together and clearly labeled.
  • Find a way to keep your children and pets away during removal. It is dangerous to have little children around while you carry furniture. You can ask some friends or relatives to take good care of them while you manage the shifting.
  • Check out the access points on both your old and new house for possible road limitations. Inform your moving company as soon as possible regarding overhanging tree branches, narrow roads and others possible problems. Informing your moving company prior the moving company can help them to be proactive on the issue.

Furniture Removalists Sydney is just a phone call away for any of your small furniture moving needs, we have trained our staff to cater to your needs be it big or small. You can also avail of our free quotes available online and you can always visit our office for any technical advice and guidance. We also ensure that the quoting procedure is fast, simple, and very accessible to address your inquiries and concerns. We are also happy to coordinate your move, especially in preparing your items for transport and to deliver your furniture to its destination.

Furniture Removalists Sydney is a family owned company that is locally operating all over Sydney. We are proud of our long standing track record which is founded through hard work, commitment and dedication in achieving customer satisfaction. We are always pleased with our long term clients who always believed in our services. Furniture Removalists Sydney also ensure that our services and tools are regularly updated to match the fast paced development of strategies and approaches related to furniture relocation.

Affordable Sydney Removals is one of the leading and the most trusted Furniture Removalists Sydney . For all your moving needs, contact 0411 722 567.

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