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August 3, 2013

Furniture Removalist Sydney is fully aware that every customer has unique and different needs when it comes to moving. Furniture Removalists Sydney have been serving Sydney and nearby interstates for a long time now and we are proud of our long standing track record. With our years of service, we assure our costumers that we already know exactly how to handle every costumer’s demands. Furniture Removalist Sydney approach is more personal and we strictly follow work ethics. All of our team members are enthusiastic, willing to help you in every way they can and completely experienced in the moving industry. You can also be confident with our low cost services that are matched with guaranteed high quality outputs.

Moving is becoming more common in our everyday life these days; people in your neighborhood can come and go. Perhaps you also had the same experience of moving for at least three times in a year. Thankfully, trusted moving companies are all around us and you can always depend on them when it’s time for you to move again. Furniture Removalist Sydney is armed with complete strategies and the most updated moving equipment to match the fast paced kind of life that we have today. With Furniture Removalist Sydney, the thought of moving will never be terrifying again, sure moving is tiring but we are here to lessen the work you need to do so it could already be a lot less tiring.

Currently, you do not have to worry about the removals of your bed, large tables, and whatever stuff you have at home which are heavy and voluminous because we are here to help. We can do the back breaking task while you fix some of the more important details of your moving. We know that you still have a lot of things to coordinate such as your children’s transfer to another school and many more.

Furniture removalist Sydney tips prior to moving:

  • Always check the weather forecast and move on a fine day. Moving under the rain can potentially damage your furniture so always plan your moving schedule carefully.
  • Prepare a master list of all your furniture to be moved. Do your list on a room per room basis for easier organization and management of your things. This can also help in facilitating the inventory during the unpacking so make sure that you also furnish a copy to your moving company.
  • If you are not running out of time then you can disassemble some of your furniture. This can help you save cost if you do it by yourself. You can refer to the manufacturer’s guide and instructions; also some items are easily disassembled such as your coffee and dining table and your chairs. In case your furniture is too large and complicated then you can rely to the professional packers to keep you and your item safe.
  • If you need help from moving companies, call them in advance and secure your appointment with them. Remember that although they’re always there to help, sometimes they could be fully booked.
  • Remember that protecting your furniture is necessary in order to arrive to your new destination complete and functioning. You can make use of bubble wraps to protect your items and feel free to ask our furniture removalist for technical assistance and advice.

Furniture Removalist Sydney is a family owned and operated company that has been operating on the principles of quality and honest services. Having satisfied customers keeps us alive and inspires us to always work for more. For us the trust and confidence you invested on us is so great,hence, we always work hard to pay back and exceed your expectations.

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Furniture come in different sizes, shape and weight. There are huge ones, heavy ones and there are furniture that have complicated shape which can cause the problem when you try to move them. That’s why there are also different techniques on how you can easily move the pieces of furniture. However, one technique can be effective on one furniture but not on the other. If you have furniture removalists Sydney then you will not be having trouble in moving your furniture as these people are quite experienced and knowledgeable. But if you don’t have the help of professionals, then you might not know the different techniques. You don’t have to worry as we will help you with your furniture removalists Sydney .

Moving a furniture is not like moving any of your items, a certain furniture requires proper handling and equipment for it to be properly moved. While you want to move your furniture yourself, it won’t also hurt to ask outside help from your friends or family. After all the more the better.

Here are Tips from your Best Furniture Removalists Sydney

Carry the Furniture High and Low

  • If you have tall furniture, the best way to carry them is the high and low technique. This is a two person job. Tip the item backward at angle and have one person carry the top while the other carries the bottom part of the furniture. This centers the weight of the item and will keep it from swinging out of control. This will also make transportation of the item in stairs a lot easier, since the furniture will be carried in a way that the angle matches the slope of the stairs.

Hook Chairs

  • Chairs are another type of furniture that can cause problems when moving. But to easily move it to an opening such as a door, you have to turn the chair on its side, looking like an “L” shaped, and move the head rest part of the chair first through the doorway. Next is to hook it around and slip the body of the chair through the door.

Shoulder Dolly Technique

  • You can also use straps to create a shoulder dolly for your furniture. But be sure to grab the most durable straps to avoid injuries. Moving while lifting the straps will take the weight off your back by relying on leverage and large muscle groups. Having shoulder straps will also leave your hands free, to use if you need to maneuver hindrance while carrying the furniture. But be careful on using shoulder straps down the stairs as this can be tricky. Take note that with a diagonal angle, the weight shifts completely to the mover on the lower area.

If you are in need of professional Furniture Removalists Sydney ‘s help, Affordable Sydney Removals is the best movers! Contact us now at 0411722567!

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