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May 4, 2016

When moving, we have to find the appropriate types of boxes for our things to make carrying and moving easier. Stuffing our things in random boxes might be the reason for the damages or broken things. During preparation for the move, you should always use the appropriate moving supplies for a smoother move and safer things. There are different types of best removalist boxes that you can use for different kinds of things. It is important that you know and choose the right kind of box for your move. Here at Affordable Sydney Removals, we are going to give you the different boxes for your different stuff. It is not advisable to just put anything to your boxes without even organizing them, not only will it cause damage to your things, it will also cause problem when packing and unpacking.

Affordable Sydney Removals is the best place to look for high quality moving supplies, we provide the high quality. When it comes to moving boxes, we only provide the best of the best removalist boxes. Not only do we provide quality materials, our services are top-notch as well! If you ever need moving assistance, you have Affordable Sydney Removals to help you!

Types of the best removalist boxes :

Small Box

  • also referred to as the “Book Box”, this type of box is great for storing heavy but small items like books, shoes, canned goods, small appliances and more. This kind of box is also a space saver as you can store small things without buying larger boxes.

Medium Box

  • The “All-purpose box” and the most common type of box. You can put most of your items in this type of box from pans. Pots. Toys, kitchen utensils, lamps and many more. This is very advisable especially if you want to pack most of your valuables in one box.

Large Box

  • Large boxes are typically used for lightweight items like pillows, blankets and clothing. As the best removalists boxes get bigger, the item inside should be lighter, this will make carrying easier.


  • A special box with divided cells to contain and easily transport bowls, stemware, dishes and other kitchenware.

Mattress Box

  • A types of box that is used to protect mattresses. It also comes in many different sizes. You can choose from crib, twin, standard, double or queen/king sizes.

Mirror Boxes

  • For your fragile mirrors, the perfect type of boxes are mirror boxes. This wil help avoid broken mirrors or glasses. This is also perfect in packing frames and similar things that are fragile.


  • These crates are used for antiques, chandeliers, artwork or anything large, bulky and delicate. Also, these can be customized to your needs, making them great to protect delicate and valuable things.

Wardrobe Boxes

  • A large box that comes with a bar for hanging clothes, curtains and draperies.

For more information about the types of Best Removalist Boxes, watch our video here:

If you are looking for the Best Removalist Boxes , the only place to look for is Affordable Sydney Removals. Here, you can get affordable yet high quality supplies for your move.

Looking for the Best Removalist Boxes is one of the many problems that we encounter during a move. High quality boxes can be expensive, but buying poor quality boxes can be a problem as they may not be able to offer great protection compared to the better yet expensive boxes. The solution to that is to find great quality yet cheap boxes. But where can we find these?

Affordable Sydney Removals is a leading provider of moving services and supplies. We are a leading company in our industry with the help of our great and experienced staff and cheaper costs. We also provide the best removalist boxes at the most competitive prices. So if you need assistance with your move, or if you are looking for cheap moving supplies with great quality, Affordable Sydney Removals is the perfect place.

Ways to Get Cheaper Best Removalist Boxes

Look for Discounted Boxes

  • Some providers of moving supplies may offer discounts. Grab this opportunity to purchase cheap boxes. Even if the discount is not that big, it can help you save. The internet is a good place to find discounted boxes. If providers have special offers, they will post it on the internet or their websites so that their customers can see it.

Find Boxes at Home and Office Depots

  • Home and Office depots have boxes with different sizes. They may also sell them cheaper. Their boxes are also of great quality which makes them great for packing purposes.

Find Extra Boxes from Neighbors and Friends

  • Look for neighbors and friends who just recently moved and asked them for the Best Removalist boxes that they used. You should also offer them a price. They probably won’t use the boxes anyway so they may be willing to sell them. They can even give them for free.

Post on Advertisment Sites

  • You can also post on advertisement websites so that people around you may see that you need boxes and they can post their offers. But ask them to post photos too or meet up so that you don’t get scammed.

Moving is not always difficult and expensive. If you just did your research to find the best removalist boxes , you’ll have a cheaper move. Call us now at 0411722567!

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