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June 10, 2014

ASRemovals | Best Movers Sydney are the most reliable people that you should run to when moving. Why? Because we are a company that takes moving into a higher level, not only do we help you with loading your things but we can also assist you from packing to unpacking However, there are so many companies offering moving services that is why choosing the best removals company can be tricky. If you chose poorly, your whole moving process could be at risk.

Consequently, you should be smart and wise enough when choosing and working with the Best Movers Sydney which ever company you choose will be responsible for your things so you might want to decide carefully. Always remember that prices and services differ from one company to another but with a good mover, every penny is worth it.

Guide in Choosing the Best Movers Sydney:

Know what you need.

  • Before calling the services of a moving company, assess your needs. Know how many items are you going to carry, how far are you going to move and when are you relocating are some of the important questions that you should ask yourself. Also, know which services from the company are you going to avail.

Avail free quotes from at least three moving companies.

  • Most home removalists offer free quotes that calculate their price according to the following factors: load size, distance, kinds of furniture for moving, and number of employees required to assist you until you are moved in. Take advantage of this offer and choose a company that can serve your unique needs at the most affordable price.

Prepare your own inventory.

  • The moment you know that you are moving, make a list of all your belongings. From here, you’ll be able to calculate the size and cost of your relocation. It is important to have an inventory of your belongings so that none will be left behind.

Sort out and organize your things.

  • Make your home relocation clean and fresh by getting rid of things that are not useful for you anymore. Do garage sale at least 8 weeks earlier before your moving schedule.

Here in Affordable Sydney Removals | Best Movers Sydney , our professional movers are highly competent and experienced. Also, we always make sure that all of our team members are updated with the newest technology and trend in the removals industry. In fact, we established long term relationship with most of our customers as they always come back for our services.

When we prepare for a move, we find lots of our old stuff and don’t know what to do with them. We can’t bring them to our new home, since it might just add to the expense of packing and moving and we might not be able to use them as well. Well, how about a garage sale? Of course, we can have our valuables move by the Best Movers Sydney while the old stuff can be sold in a garage sale! At least we’’ still have profit for our old stuff and we can use this to buy new ones.

But how are we going to have a good garage sale? Affordable Sydney Removals, the leading and Best Movers Sydney will share to you great tips for having a not just good but great garage sale.

Affordable Sydney Removals is the number one movers and packers in Sydney and we have been in the industry for years. Our experience and knowledge allowed us to serve our customers and able to meet their demands.

Best Movers Sydney Tips for a Great Garage Sale:

List All the Items

  • Make a list of all the items that you are about to sell. Creating a list will help you monitor your things during the garage sale and it can also help you when you advertise your things. By listing all your items it will be easier to give their price as well.


  • You can advertise on your local craigslist about your upcoming sales and you can also put a detail of what you’ll be selling. If you already created a list of your things, then this will be easy. Also, a little creativity might help attract customers. Put up signs and maybe some posters near your house so people can be notified.

Reasonable Prices

  • When you are putting prices on your item, try to have a reasonable price. If possible, you can also search the internet about the item and how much it costs. There you can base the new price for your garage sale. Creating a price sticker might also help for the convenience of your customers. Remember that a reasonable price is a saleable price.

Bills and Change

  • You might encounter customers who have bigger bills so it would be wise to run to the bank to get smaller bills and change before you start with your garage sale.

You do not have to worry about your old stuff anymore. You can profit from them with the help of garage sales. And the Best Movers Sydney | Affordable Sydney Removals will help you with your garage sale by giving you effective tips and ways to have a great garage sale.

Watch also our video here to learn the Best of Garage Sales

The Best Movers Sydney is proud that during our years in the moving service industry, we have never failed our clients. Contact us now at 0411722567!

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