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August 5, 2013

Removalists Sydney is your 100% reliable and most trusted moving company which is locally based in Sydney. Moving can really be daunting and overwhelming with the huge task waiting ahead of you. However, moving and living in a new place can spell adventure too. You will meet new friends, discover a new place and enjoy a new job and career, that is why do not let the stress coming from the thought of moving take away all those excitement. Indeed you have a lot of things to do!

The good news is that Affordable Removalists Sydney can do the full home organizing, packing and unpacking for you. Leaving the dirty job to moving companies can give you time to think of the more intangible things about your moving. For example, you have to transfer your children’s school records, inform your banks about your new address and all those stuff. We can help you stay focused with the things you need to do, finish all your priorities as we handle your move.

Gone are the days when you can move by yourself expecting that you have to go through a lot of stress. Yes, you remember when you moved by yourself and boxes were left to rot unpacked? Today is a new beginning where moving is becoming a lifestyle.

Affordable Removalists Sydney moving services for you:

  • Home organizing is one of the basic tasks when moving. You should be able to organize things that are coming with you and those that you are leaving behind. In case you do not have time to organize things yourself, then Affordable Removalists Sydney  will be happy to prepare your home in an efficient, organized and functional way. Also, our affordable Removalists Sydney team members will be very happy to assist you along the way for any technical assistance you may need.
  • Packing is the next big thing when moving as it requires plenty of time on your end to do the job. But our company can give you full or partial packing service. How? Affordable Removalists Sydney  can efficiently, orderly and silently pack your things while you resume on your daily routine. On the other hand, if you choose to do some basic packing yourself while leaving the more complex packing of furniture to us, then it would be a great deal. We look forward to making a big difference in your moving.
  • When all things are set from organizing, packing, loading and unloading, the unpacking job may seem easy at first. However, from our experience, many families were unable to unpack their things and failed to settle and unable to feel the new home. The scheduled days to unpack never ended and boxes were left unopened. Since it is our goal to give the best of your moving, Affordable Removalists Sydney can do the complete unpacking of your things and ensure that we leave you settled and feeling comfortable in your new place.

Affordable Removalists Sydney is committed to giving you furniture removals all over Sydney and nearby interstates, over the years we have perfected every strategies that would cater to the growing demands of furniture removals. Affordable Removalists Sydney is family owned and we take pride of our long standing track record of honest and quality moving services. In the past ten years, Affordable Removalists Sydney has successfully moved individuals, families and offices in a hassle free and stress free manner.

We make use of the most updated technology and the latest strategies and applications in safe packing and moving to give you seamless moving. We constantly update our knowledge and skills and all of our equipment are well maintained.

Affordable Removalists Sydney is aware that there is an accompanied risk when moving your belongings to a whole new place. Hence, we are giving you hints and tips to lessen damage of furniture and other stuff during transit.

Removalists Sydney tips to lessen furniture damage during transit:

  • Ensure that all furniture are emptied prior the moving day for example wardrobes, desks, among others are emptied to facilitate easier lifting. Be guided that the structural integrity of your things will be compromised if the item is moved with additional loose items inside. Also, ensure that breakables and glasses are taken out from your furniture before its relocated.
  • The use of quality boxes in packing is crucial to the success of your items. Prevent breakage and spillage during transit by making use of strong and durable boxes purposely for moving. Do not sacrifice your things by using some free boxes you sourced out from supermarkets. Although you can still use these boxes, but choose carefully on what to pack in it.
  • The access points of your old and new house during transit is very important in saving time and money. Ensure that you have arranged the accessibility of the driveways and parkways during your big moving day. Remember that the farther the parking area to your doorstep the more that it will take time for you to move in. Hence, find the best way to reduce distance and be able to maximize your home removals.
  • Lessen the number of items you are carrying with you by selling or giving away things that you do not use anymore.
  • Ensure that all items that can be dismantled should be dismantled and packed accordingly. Beds, tables, off dressers and all others should be disassembled for easier moving. Check out the manufacturer’s manual for the instructions or you may just request the services of your moving company for more accurate disassembling and packing.
  • Prepare a floor plan indicating the proper positions and locations of your items and give clear instructions to the movers about how you wanted your furniture to be arranged.
  • Do forget to notify your utility services regarding your relocation to facilitate final reading and service disconnection.

Affordable Removalists Sydney highly believes that a well prepared removal will take out the stress and hassle of moving. The key to a perfectly smooth move is a plan carefully thought of and constructed. We know that you need help from moving companies but it is also essential to help us in directing a successful move. Whether your items are being moving to the other side of town or across interstates, the way they are prepared will promote its higher security during transit. As a family owned company locally operating in Sydney and nearby interstates we highly value the trust and confidence invested  you invested to us so we always exceed your expectations.

Affordable Sydney Removals is the leading  and the most trusted Removalists Sydney company ! For all your moving needs, contact 0411 722 567!

So, you are done with your packing and moving and the next step is the unpacking and organizing your things as well as checking your new home. This is still part of the moving process and should not be belittled to avoid stress and to use your time efficiently. Of course, you can still hire removalists Sydney to help you with this process if you don’t want to have huge problems.

Affordable Sydney Removals is one of the leading Removalists Sydney that offers great services from packing to unpacking and organizing your home. If you need help in making your move easier, then AS Removals is your best choice.

Here are Removalists Sydney ‘s Essential Things to Do after a Move

Manage your Time

  • Surely, you will still have many tasks to do and time could be a problem if you need to go back to work, or have important appointments. But if your time is well managed, then you might be able to finish all the tasks without delaying your other appointments. Getting comfortable in your new home can be done later. For now, you have to make sure that everything is fixed so that you won’t have to think about it later when you get busy with work.

Organize the Boxes First!

  • You have to bring the boxes to their designated areas according to their labels, that is if you labeled your boxes when you were packing them. This will really help you with unpacking since it will be easier to fix your things and organize them room per room. After that, you have to clear the boxes to avoid clutter. Place them in an extra room or storage area, flatten them to create more space.

Check your new Home

  • You also need to check if the facilities in your new home have issues, if the electric and water work well so that you can immediately have them repaired if they show issues. You should also look for secrets in your house. Look for any signs of damage with the walls, pipe leaks and pest infestation. This is important so that you can have them fixed in an instant.

Change your Postal Address

  • Regardless of whether you moved across town, new city or a new country, it is important that you have your postal address updated. If you don’t change this, your mails will be sent to your old address. You should also tell your friends and relatives that you have a new address so that they’d know where to visit you.

Make your move easy, from start to end with the help of Professional Removalists Sydney ! For details, contact us now at 0411722567!

Before you pack your things, you have to sort out the things that should be packed and the items that you should keep with you. Most moving Removalists Sydney companies would not consider few items if it can cause danger or not allowed in the area you want it to be delivered. If you have no idea which items are not supposed to be packed, then you don’t have to worry as we can give you a list of these things.

Affordable Sydney Removals is your number one professional Removalists Sydney . If you need help with your move, we can guarantee to give you a fast, safe and easy move for a cheap cost. Be it a long distance move or a local move, we are your best choice!

Here are Things that you should not Pack during your Removalists Sydney

Removalists Sydney

Dangerous Items

  • Any dangerous items like weapons or chemicals should not be included in your package to be moved by the Professional Movers. These items require a special type of packing equipment instead of boxes and highly recommended a special type of delivery. Some of the items include Fertilizers, Paint, Car Batteries / Batteries, Loaded Weapons, Oil, Propane, Ammunition, Aerosols, Kerosene, Pool Chemicals, Fireworks, Paint Thinner, Cleaning Fluid, Pesticides and Lighter Fluid. You should also check if bringing chemicals are allowed since it may be banned in some states.

Perishable Items

  • Most movers do not accept delivery of perishable items such as plants and food. These are not allowed since once these kinds of things may attract pests. But if the move is short distance and the perishable items are properly packed, then the moving companies just might make an exception. However, this is most likely to happen that’s why it is recommended to consume your foods or bring your plants with you during your move.

Heat Sensitive Items

  • Items that are sensitive from heat could be damaged during the move. These includes appliances, CD’s and Computer Hardware. Special packing materials are required for these items and should be transported using a climate-controlled vehicle. You can purchase the proper equipment from your Removals Sydney companies.

High valued Items

  • High Valued items, fragile items, heirlooms and personal or sentimental valued things should always be kept close to you. Other than these items, you should also keep documents, cash jewelries and gadgets. Put these items all in a box that you’ll keep with you.

Moving can be overwhelming, it could lead you to unexplainable excitements and also stress. With this you sometimes cram and could experience panic packing, this could lead you to packing everything without checking it first. For the safety of your move and your family, we advice you to check all your packed items first and be very careful enough to avoid dangerous items in your boxes.

For more tips about packing, visit Affordable Removalists Sydney now! We can give you the help you need. Call us at 0411722567!

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